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  • Learn About the Outcomes and Achievements of the SNMHI
    November 2013
    The Safety Net Medical Home Initiative has been widely recognized as a landmark demonstration of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Model of Care.
    Download a snapshot of the Initiative's achievements and review an outline of the free resources and tools that the SNMHI has published.

  • Medical Home Digest Series Concludes with Lessons Learned
    In our final issue of the Medical Home Digest, we reflect on some of what we have learned during the SNMHI. Medical Home Facilitators from our five Regional Coordinating Centers share lessons they and their practices learned about setting the stage for successful transformation. Medical Home Facilitators also describe what is coming next for their organizations and how they plan to spread and sustain PCMH. Also included in this issue is a reflection on the value of learning communities—a key component of collaboratives including the SNMHI. Specific examples of tailoring showcase the many ways organizations can harness the power of peer interaction to inspire and teach. Finally, we describe recent revisions to the SNMHI Implementation Guide Series, a comprehensive library of resources and tools intended to assist practices in understanding and implementing the SNMHI Change Concepts for Practice Transformation.
    Download the Summer 2013 Medical Home Digest

  • Spring Medical Home Digest Discusses Current PCMH Evidence
    June 2013
    This Medical Home Digest issue begins with an article highlighting recent recommendations from the PCMH Evaluator’s Collaborative. The following article describes recent research on PCMH cost and quality outcomes and offers thoughts on what is needed to build the PCMH evidence base. The Digest continues with an article that outlines essential leadership roles and behaviors for effective transformational change.  It concludes with an announcement about a new public domain online resource for practice facilitators built on the SNMHI framework.
    Download the Spring 2013 Medical Home Digest

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