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Engaged Leadership

Leaders facilitate PCMH transformation by charting the course for change and supporting and sustaining change efforts. A key role of leaders during PCMH transformation is to identify and allocate resources to best support PCMH transformation needs. Resources include time, dollars, staffing, equipment, technology and other types of support that either help staff implement or sustain PCMH key changes. Engaged leaders are physically present throughout transformation and sustain staff energy and motivation by working with staff to identify and remove barriers to transformation. Engaged leaders create a work environment supportive of PCMH transformation and give staff protected time and tools to make changes.

Key changes for Engaged Leadership:

  • Provide visible and sustained leadership to lead overall culture change, as well as specific strategies to improve quality and spread and sustain change.
  • Ensure that the PCMH transformation effort has the time and resources needed to be successful.
  • Ensure that providers and other care team members have protected time to conduct activities beyond direct patient care that are consistent with the medical home model.
  • Build the practice's values on creating a medical home for patients into staff hiring and training processes.

Engaged Leadership Resources

Implementation Guides

Engaged Leadership Executive Summary

Engaged Leadership: Strategies for Guiding PCMH Transformation
This Implementation Guide presents strategies, tips, and tools leaders can use to guide their practices through PCMH transformation.

Engaged Leadership: How Health Center Board Members Can Support PCMH Transformation
This supplement provides ideas and strategies that health center board members can use to help the centers they govern become high-performing patient-centered medical homes.


PCMH Strategic Planning, Quality Improvement, and Business Processes Tool


Engaged Leadership (May 27, 2010)
Moderator: Sharon Eloranta, MD, Qualis Health
Speakers: Anna Roth, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (Martinez, CA); Carolyn Shepherd, Clinica Family Health Services (Lafayette, CO); Stephen Weeg, Health West (Pocatello, ID); Andrea Fox, Squirrel Hill Health Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
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